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From Charleston to Newtown to Human Rights, US Failing its Legal Obligations

Jul 29, 2015   //   Politics, Tolerance, Top Story  //  Comments Off

There’s been a lot of talk recently, by our President and others, about gun violence and race relations. How to simultaneously address both? Have our country live up to its legal obligations under ICERD by putting a National Plan of Action in place.


Gun Violence Prevention: A Tale of Two Worlds

Jun 18, 2015   //   Politics, Tolerance  //  Comments Off

The mass shooting at a historic black church in Charleston, SC provides yet another stark example of the death that can result from the racial divide that plagues our country and that the issue of gun violence in America is not a one size fits all matter.


NC HB562: Undoing Prohibitions Held to be Presumptively Lawful Under the Second Amendment

Jun 14, 2015   //   Politics  //  Comments Off

An examination of Supreme Court decisions in both Heller and McDonald reveal that North Carolina lawmakers are looking to undo several prohibitions held to be presumptively lawful under the Second Amendment.


Published Op-Ed: Applying the Benefits vs. Risk Standard to Guns in NC

Jun 12, 2015   //   Politics, Tolerance  //  Comments Off

A published Op-Ed from this author positions gun violence in America as an infraction of human rights and a failure of one of our government’s most fundamental duties – to protect the life of its citizens.


Testimony Before NC House Rules Committee on Gun Legislation

Jun 6, 2015   //   Politics  //  Comments Off

This author’s testimony before the NC House Rules Committee in opposition to House Bill 562, that expands public exposure to concealed carry and weakens background checks on gun sales, is reproduced here. This legislation is held to be a dereliction of duty on the part of the NC lawmakers regarding their fundamental duty to protect life.


Concealed Carry: Risks and Deceptive Practices Adversely Affecting Public Safety

May 12, 2015   //   Politics  //  Comments Off

With the risk of serious injury and death to the public by the concealed carry permit holder population itself having been established, with the many claimed benefits of concealed carry being unsubstantiated (if not supported by deceptive practices), with concealed carry not being a constitutionally-protected right, and with a primary function of government being the protection of its citizenry, it is felt warranted for NC lawmakers to call a moratorium on the further expansion of concealed carry into public venues until they can verify that the benefits of concealed carry outweigh the established risks.


Guns, Government, Race and Rights. ‘The Demographics, Stupid’.

Mar 24, 2015   //   Box 1, Politics, Tolerance  //  Comments Off

In unapologetic fashion, this paper makes the case that the time has come for activist groups to abandon business-as-usual tactics and go on the offensive to change the political landscape in Washington, D.C.


The Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act: Why Facts Don’t Matter.

Feb 24, 2015   //   Politics, Tolerance  //  Comments Off

A letter was sent to US Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) regarding The Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. That legislation has little to do with defending or protecting the rights of law abiding citizens. It is about the union of an appalling political strategy, that for decades has successfully exploited racial conflict for votes, and corporate profits. An agenda that will, perhaps sooner than later, exact a price at the polls.


African-American Gun Violence Victimization. Just One Contributor to Millions of Premature Deaths

Feb 5, 2015   //   Box 2, Politics, Tolerance  //  Comments Off

That some lives matter more than others is evidenced when the well-documented shortfall in African-American life expectancy is translated into millions of premature deaths. The loss of life to grossly disproportionate gun violence in the African-American community is but a minor contributor to the broader effects of racial discrimination. With our current knowledge of factors that adversely affect health and thus life, has the plight of our African-American community crossed the threshold of being declared a crime against humanity?


Placing Gun Violence into a Human Rights Framework: Our Moral Imperative

Sep 23, 2014   //   Politics, Tolerance  //  Comments Off

Today’s gun violence prevention movement has developed the organizational structures, political connections and deep financial pockets to impact both Congress and public opinion. The use those resources to inject human rights into our political dialog, along with the voices of Congressional allies, becomes a moral imperative for our leaders.


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From Charleston to Newtown to Human Rights, US Failing its Legal Obligations

There’s been a lot of talk recently, by our President and others, about gun violence and race relations. How to simultaneously address both? Have our country live up to its legal obligations under ICERD by putting a National Plan of Action in place.

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