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Republican Economic Policy: When Facts No Longer Matter

Nov 3, 2012   //   Economy, Featured Story, Politics  //  Comments Off on Republican Economic Policy: When Facts No Longer Matter

“…there’s remarkable consensus among mainstream economists, including those from the left and right, on most major macroeconomic issues. The debate in Washington about economic policy is phony. It’s manufactured. And it’s entirely political…and in a particular direction: Angry Republicans have pushed their representatives to adopt positions that are at odds with the best of modern economic thinking. That may be good politics, but it’s terrible policy.” Betsy Stevenson and Justin Wolfers

Our Unrepresentative Representation

Dec 18, 2011   //   Politics  //  1 Comment

The Occupy Wall Street movement has reason to protest. Special interest-driven deregulation policy was at the heart of the recent economic collapse. It has been the “99%” that has paid the price for this policy failure with lost employment, devalued housing prices, retirement accounts being cut in half, and increased levels of poverty while the wealthiest in America continued to do well. A valid question is why our elected representatives are not working together to put a stop to failed policy that has been so damaging to the majority of Americans. This article will examine the disproportionate number of the wealthy who hold elected office in Washington and the conflict of interest they face in setting policy versus their own financial interests as well as the special interests that finance their campaigns. And it will explore an incentive that politicians have to stay in office where they can act on non-public information to their own financial benefit. It examines the issue of whether our Congress has become ‘Our Unrepresentative Representation’.

Deregulation, Special Interests, and Gay Marriage with NC House Majority Leader

Oct 31, 2011   //   Politics  //  Comments Off on Deregulation, Special Interests, and Gay Marriage with NC House Majority Leader

Last week I attended a function where Representative Paul (Skip) Stam (R), the NC House Majority Leader was the guest speaker. I just happened to sit at the same table with him and we exchanged a few comments. In listening to his presentation there were several issues, not just at the state level but also relevant nationally, that were too much to get into there. So I issued the following to his office. In looking at two of the issues, 1) deregulation to the benefit of business at the expense of the public, and 2) special interest contributions to legislators during the healthcare reform debate, I wondered why there would be any question about the emotion being expressed at the Occupy Wall Street movements around this country.

Wealth and Income Inequality: America’s Moral Crisis

Aug 21, 2011   //   Politics  //  3 Comments

Less than one tenth of one percent of our population is holding a sum of wealth approaching three times the size of the US economy that is anticipated to more than double within the next decade, the earnings on which does not contribute to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. And the wealthiest in America quintupled their income during the heart of the Great Recession. To propose cuts to food stamps and unemployment benefits for the victims of the Great Recession during a time of increasing poverty and poverty-related deaths, without shared sacrifice at the top, represents nothing less than a moral crisis for our country.

An Open Letter to Representative Boehner and Senator McConnell

Dec 15, 2010   //   Politics  //  Comments Off on An Open Letter to Representative Boehner and Senator McConnell

This letter was sent to the offices of Representative Boehner and Senator McConnell requesting that they provide explanation to the public on several issues regarding their tax policy and recent legislative tactics.

Extending Tax Cuts for the Wealthiest While Repealing Healthcare Law: A Morally Untenable Agenda

Nov 16, 2010   //   Featured Story, Healthcare  //  Comments Off on Extending Tax Cuts for the Wealthiest While Repealing Healthcare Law: A Morally Untenable Agenda

Are we really willing, as a country, to assign a higher value to tax cuts for the wealthiest during economically difficult times than preventing the unnecessary loss of tens of thousands of American lives each year?

Eight Reasons Why the Bush Tax Cuts to the Wealthiest Should Expire

Nov 9, 2010   //   Politics  //  4 Comments

After 30 years of creating large deficits through tax cut legislation (Starving the Beast), often to the detriment of our economy and jobs growth, Republicans are getting closer to their goal of reducing the size of government through sharp cuts to our entitlement programs.

Policy and the Economy: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Oct 25, 2010   //   Economy  //  Comments Off on Policy and the Economy: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

An evaluation of job creation and GDP growth during 8 complete presidential terms since 1977, 5 Republican and 3 Democratic, show that our country did better under progressive tax rate policies than Republican tax cut policy. Choice of policy this election is not only important to economic growth and job creation, but the radical right’s anger that is finding its way to minorities such as gays, Latinos and Muslims will not likely stop until the economy is on firmer footing.

Supply-Side Tax Cut Legislation: A Betrayal of the Middle Class, the Poor, and our Nation

Sep 29, 2009   //   Economy, Politics  //  Comments Off on Supply-Side Tax Cut Legislation: A Betrayal of the Middle Class, the Poor, and our Nation

I’m afraid that I will be tough on my conservative colleagues in this article.  I generally look for arguments in support of both sides of an issue, but rarely in […]

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The Cruelty of NCs House Bill 2

North Carolina’s House Bill 2 is fundamentally flawed. Quite the opposite of legislators bogus claims that public facility non-discrimination laws create safety concerns from sexual predators, the law actually increases the risk of abuse, both verbal and physical, to the already vulnerable transgender population. Further, in the state of NC that houses the Research Triangle Park and multiple world class medical institutions, legislators have pandered to religious factions and organizations that have stigmatized, ostracized and even demonized transgenders, some of whom suffer from a recognized medical diagnosis. The situation for transgendered youth is particularly grave, a population that already suffers a high rate of both abuse and suicide attempts. The law is cruel and untenable from both business and civil/human rights perspectives, and should be repealed.

NC’s Anti-LGBT Law and the Legislature: Little Business Sense

In this published Letter to the Editor (Raleigh N&O), powerful members of the North Carolina legislature have demonstrated little understanding of the importance of customer retention in building the business base of the state.

North Carolina’s LGBT Discrimination Law HB2: Its Folly and Motivation

By using sex on a birth certificate to define sexual identity, NC’s legislature and governor have shown much ignorance about the complexities of biologic diversity. But it is the pandering to LGBT hate groups by ranking members of the GOP at both the national and state level that reveals the underlying discrimination that motivated the law.

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The Year the GOPs Con Game was Exposed

The GOP’s decision to reinstate tax cut policy in 2001 exposed their hand. It was not about deficit reduction, growing the economy, or job creation. It was about ideology and, no doubt, special interests. It was a backdoor approach where government revenue was cut in an attempt to curtail spending on popular programs they otherwise could not take head-on. This while obstructing the work of Congress, spinning a web of deceit about the benefits of their policy, and weakening our country’s financial standing. It’s time to play hardball during ‘fiscal cliff’ negotiations and force them to be specific about what spending cuts they are talking about to offset the tax benefits they wish to preserve for the wealthiest. They wouldn’t have the nerve.